Lucky boys 


boot tapping3

Goddess knows your desires

Time to give some real meaning to your pathetic little life

I am a true Goddess, of which I am now allowing you a much desired

opportunity to spoil ME,

Pamper ME and worship ME

Never before will a real Goddess understand you as I will.

Your only purpose will be to serve ME

Becoming a paypiggy, money slave for you to serve ME is a great

privalige and the highest honour

Whereby I expect you to please ME with your hands in your wallet,

as you will willingly hand over your hard earn't cash.

Goddess is such a tease and torment

She will have you tied up in knots, and on the edge as and when SHE


So if you want to get MY attention shake loose your cash to prove


No tribute, No attention. You shall be ignored

REWARDS: pay piggy Control Center

Panty worship. Yes a pair of Goddesses worn panties can be sent

direct to you

Chastity. Lets put that pathetic worm under lock and key, only ever

released with MY command controlling your every thought, wishes

and desires

Texting rewards. Yes Goddess could text you instructions, that you

 complete humiliating tasks, sending ME pics etc as and when I choose

Phone chat. If your lucky you may talk to your Goddess and hear

her laugh as she makes you empty your wallet into HER account

Adopt a treat

Mobile Phone                         £50.00

Make up                                £100.00

Manicure/Pedicure                £100.00

Gym and Spa Membership   £150.00

Hair and Beauty                     £150.00

Clothes                                  £300.00

Socialising                             £300.00 


So shake loose your cash and get to Lloyds Bank sort code 30.98.73 account number 23028268 in the name of Rainbow. Do send an email or phone once payment has been made 




 The Goddess